Unfortunately we can't pull in missing orders to your API channel unless it is an integration that we have developed in house and have automated access to the missing data.

Our API does not have any sort of push or pull mechanism, so it is the responsibility of developers to build this into any integration that they offer you.

An order may fail to import when using the API for a variety of reasons, which may include, but is not limited to:-

  • Orders in a status not ready to be picked up by the integration, like waiting payment or cancelled for example
  • Incorrect/corrupt/unsuitable data being sent over
  • Missing or mismatched products in CCP
  • Unexpected breaks between the API and the system trying to use it

If you have an order that has not gone in, you can try:-

  • Retry sending the order (if your integration has this feature)
  • Manually adding the order into CCP
  • Our Order Importer (needs an initial setup for all channels you want to bring orders into)

Longer Term

If this is a common problem with your particular integration, you should probably ask the developers who provide it if they can offer a button or tool where you put in the reference of the missing order or to improve their retry/reporting mechanisms where possible if you want a more hands off solution.

If you are able to download your orders from your website as a spreadsheet and your website uses the same SKUs that are in our system, you may be able to use our Generic Order Importer to fetch in any missing orders; but it would need a one time configuration before you can use it to bring in those orders.

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